I’m Not Actually Irish

Well, actually. I’m probably about 1.88% Irish, hardly enough to claim heritage by, especially considering that I’m probably about 40% Norwegian, 20% German, 20% Scottish, and 20% everythingelseinEurope. Then why ‘Irish’ as a nickname?

From my favorite lyric of my (now second) favorite song by my (tied for) favorite band:

I remember it well still I always knew that she was destined to be my bride. This woman had pride she was full of life, I could see the passion in her eyes. She thought she found a man but she fell for a devil, an evil monster in disguise. And now I’ll honor and obey, forever stay true to you, my Irish Rose. —Upstarts and Broken Hearts by Dropkick Murphys

Since junior year in high school I’ve been using IrishRoseDKM to pay tribute to that song and the band.

Rotten Tomatoes Forum friends started calling me Irish for short, and I have to admit I like it. So there. You may call me Irish, or you may call me Erin Leigh. Or you may call me something else, I hardly take offense to anything.



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