Begins with ‘B’

This is a recent revelation, but it’s one that’s too bizarre not to share. Of all the things I love, a good majority of them begin with the letter ‘B’:


Bees. I love bees. I feel sorry that colony collapse disorder is decimating their population. If I could have any hobby in the world, I would be a bee keeper. 

Bison. I’ve always loved the America Bison. Such strong, beautiful animals able to live in the most ridiculous climate. Someday perhaps, I will have a ranch where bison can roam free and unperturbed, and I can tend to my bees.  

Books. I should think this one is fairly obvious.


Barn Homes. Everyone I know thinks barn home looks ugly. Or they are reminded of Amittyville Horror. I don’t know why I love them. My favorite barn home is in Santa Cruz, CA on Columbia St. I think it actually used to be a barn. Maybe I will live on a Bison/Bee ranch in a Barn house. 

Bears, Polar. I do acknowledge that this is cheating.  

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My favorite TV show.


Borzoi. My favorite breed of dog.  They can chase after the bees on my bison ranch while I watch Bones and Buffy on the patio of my barn home.

Bones.  My new favorite TV show. On my Bee/Bison Ranch, I will watch Bones on the tv in my Barn house. Oddly enough, also stars David Boreanez. Not necessarily a favorite. But see what I mean about the B’s.

Bridges. Especially the Mackinac Bridge that connects the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan, the John Roebling Bridge which connects Cincinnati, OH and Covington, KY, and the Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston (which is also one of my favorite things) .  

Could you imagine if I went to the zoo and read a book by the polar bear exhibit, then took the scenic route over a bridge back to my Bee/Bison ranch near Boston so that I could cuddle with my Borzoi as I watch Bones and Buffy in my Barn house? Yea, that’s what I thought too.

Other favorite things beginning with B:

Bunker Hill Monument. My favorite national monument.

Bread. Warm bread is the food of the gods.

Broncos. The car…and the horse, too, I suppose. My dream car would be a white Bronco. Just like the one OJ used. That was a sad day for Broncos.

Bald Eagles. The first time I saw a bald eagle, I was in Minnesota. I see them all over the place in Seattle. They are beautiful.

Bruegger’s Bagels. Waaay better than Noah’s. Less better than Barry’s Bagels in Ann Arbor, MI. And no, they aren’t as good as actual New York bagels, but those are only found in New York.


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