Yes. I have been gone for quite a long time now. Almost 6 months.

My absence started with wanting to rethink my blog and my book reviews. But during that time I read too much and became overwhelmed with the number of pending reviews I wanted to write. December = 10 books in 5 weeks, now my total is over 24 for the year. Much higher than my usual. I also wanted to branch out and post some stuff beyond books, but I was writer’s blocked on those, too.

Then I got a new job (huzzah!), and now it’s half a year later and I have pent up guilt guilt guilt for neglecting my poor blog.

I should probably follow the writing advice given by Anne Lamott in Bird by Bird (one of the many books I blazed through during my off-time), and overcome my writers block by simply writing.

Small goals. Shitty first drafts. Overcome writer’s block by writing. Picture frame focus. Write something every day. Breath in, breath out. Practice kitty zen.


2 responses to “Absentee-ism

  1. Welcome back! What was one of the best books you read during your blog hiatus?

    Also, I aspire to have kitty-like zen.

  2. Well that’s a loaded question. The 10 books I read in 5 wks were all of the existing Southern Vampire Mysteries, so quite clearly I enjoyed those.

    I also read The Poison Throne triology, which I thought was great but was disappointed by the ending. Another series I really got into was the Harper Connelly Mysteries, but I am so mad at Charlaine Harris I could scream. She totally sold the character and series out. I was so dissatisfied by the ending–which I think is the ending of the series in general. It seems like as she was writing she thought Well I have a deadline for this novel and I have books due in my other three series, so I’ll just end it here, that way I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

    The Road was really good, but depressing and as a result of reading it, I had cannibal dreams for almost a month straight.

    I also read The Hunger Games trilogy, which was amazing, as you well know, but I had a hard time getting into any other books afterward, so went for a tried and true reread of The Death Gate Cycle series, one of my favorite fantasy series ever, currently at book 3 Fire Sea.

    And last but not least, I subscribed to two short story magazines One Story and Glimmer Train which are both excellent.

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