Mileage Update

My first official day back to work after my awesome snowshoeing vacation was January 13th, so quite obviously February 13th will be the exact 1 month mark. That’s this Saturday and since I know my flight schedule through Saturday, I thought I would share a little snippet of my work travel schedule with you all.

January 13-15: Fargo, ND
January 18-22: Torrance, CA
January 25-27: Denver, CO
February 1-5: Idaho Falls, ID
February 8-13: Denver, CO

So far I have flown a total of 6776 miles on Alaska Air, and a total of 7225 miles on Delta Airlines for a grand total of 14,001 miles flown. In one month.

The numbers depress me sometimes, but oddly enough, I am going to be disappointed if I don’t at least match my Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k status from last year. It’s a strange, strange phenomenon. Traveling this much is exhausting, but I’m afraid to travel less.


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